After moving this year to Los Angeles, should the Chargers move back to San Diego?

That is a question that many people around the NFL and across many media platforms are asking after the beginning of the Los Angeles Chargers era has gotten off to a horrible start.

Not only are the Chargers winless, their home stadium is filled with more opposing fans than home fans and their home market isn't even tuning into games on television.

The Chargers were forced to move after the city of San Diego failed them in not passing a tourism tax that would of helped pay for the new stadium that they desperately needed.

I don't feel bad for San Diego, but I wouldn't be opposed to the Chargers moving back if the city actually stepped up to the plate this time.

With the power NFL teams now have, their is no reason they need to spend their own money to solely pay for a new stadium and if San Diego were to get the Chargers to come back, this time around they would need to get the stadium deal done.

Currently in Los Angeles, the Chargers are playing at the Stub Hub Center which was built for soccer and their long term home will be at the new Rams stadium where they will share much like we see the Jets and Giants do in New York.

The problem currently though is Los Angeles hasn't fully embraced the NFL being back in their market. More are starting to support the Rams, who are 3-1 with a fan base already in place while the Chargers seem like the unwanted step child.

With so much to do in Los Angeles, supporting two NFL teams seems like it is hitting some bumps in the road, but it doesn't mean it wouldn't work out if the Chargers do stay.

Winning changes a lot of things and the losing the Chargers are experiencing early in the season isn't helping the situation.

Time will tell if a move back to San Diego will be in the cards for the Chargers, but for the time being, it hasn't been a success, but winning some games and getting some momentum wouldn't hurt the situation either.

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