Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' is upbeat, fun and just an all-around-great weekend jam. It's also perfect for a 1989 jazzercise video ... and we mean perfect!

One YouTube user found a classic '80s aerobics video and laid Swift's new pop hit on top of it. The hilarious result is a match made in jazzercise heaven! As soon as the "sick beat" drops, the aerobics men and women run out clapping their hands to the beat -- complete with tight spandex in red and blue. Even the audience claps along as they 'Shake It Off' as if they were listening to the song!

From the running in place to the clapping and toe-tapping, the aerobics workout pairs perfectly with Swift's song. Her silly giggle even matches the goofy grins of the big-haired, fun-lovin' folks who are working out as part of the national aerobic championship. According to the upload, the clip is really from 1989, which also just so happens to be the same year the singer was born -- and the title of her first full pop album.

The best part of the video is when Swift tells everyone to "shake it off" and the men and women oblige. It's like the song was made for this workout in particular. While it may not make you want to hit the gym, it's great for a few laughs. Even the toe touch ends at the perfect time! Be sure to slip into your spandex before you watch!

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