A year ago today none of us were thinking about face masks. Well, unless you worked in certain medical fields or perhaps another job that required them. But for the vast majority of us? Nope, didn't give them a thought.

Now, of course, the world is different. Many of the places we go require them and most at the least recommend them. And so we slap them on and go about our lives.

But it's the 'slapping them on' part that a lot of us do wrong. Oh, not intentionally but maybe without even thinking about it.

Well, let's think about it for a minute.

Signs.com did a survey of mask wearers on things like how often they wear them and how they care for them. And they identified seven particular mistakes that they (and I'll bet) make when we wear our face masks. Now, we don't make all the mistakes, at least I hope not. But there may be one or two you can relate to...

We're all hoping there will come a day, and soon, that we can put those doggone face masks away and forget about them. But until then, since we're wearing them, we might as well wear them correctly.

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