College is supposed to be about making new friends, creating lasting memories, and finalizing your future career path.  The COVID-19 pandemic has recently changed some typical college protocols, especially for incoming freshmen across the country.

It has always been vitally important to welcome new students to a college campus, and State Dakota State University wants to be sure they do just for incoming Jackrabbits...but in a different way.

In order to learn a new campus and acclimate themselves to class schedules, new students must experience some sort of orientation.  State Dakota State University is making this possible during a global pandemic through technology.  Orientation usually happens face-to-face at SDSU, but a new, innovative virtual orientation will allow newly enrolled Jackrabbits to begin their college careers while maintaining a safe distance.

According to its website, the university explains, "We have worked diligently to create an online experience that will connect you with academic resources and campus information that will kick-start your preparation for the fall semester."  This virtual orientation format not only being implemented for freshmen but for transfer and returning students as well.

If new students think they will just be required to follow a video presentation, think again.  These virtual orientations will introduce new Jackrabbits to SDSU utilizing an interactive format via Zoom.  Students will be actively involved in mapping out their first year as "Jacks" at SDSU.

Orientation sessions will run throughout the month of June.  A few additional orientation opportunities will also be offered in early August.  New Jackrabbits can click here to schedule their orientation experiences.  Transfer and returning Jackrabbits can do the same by visiting here.

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SDSU Campus During COVID-19

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