It's 2020, so if you've been bad this year, you're not just getting a lump of coal in your stocking; Santa's taking you to jail.

Santa didn't bother waiting to see if these individuals were naughty or nice this past Saturday in Riverside, California, as two undercover police officers (dressed as Santa an Elf) apprehended two would-be car thieves in a Target parking lot.

The pair were at that specific Target location in an undercover sting effort to help crack down on holiday shoplifters in the area. One of the suspects caught is accused of stealing $1,000 worth of lego sets from the store. But the viral video that's being circulated on the web stems from an attempted carjacking.

Santa, along with his trusty elf, chased the suspected car thieves and even drew their weapons before taking down two of the three suspects and leading them into police custody. At the time of this publication, a third suspect was still at large in the incident, however, local law enforcement has indicated that they know who the individual is.

Click the YouTube link below from a Los Angeles area television station to see Santa nab the bad guys. My favorite part? When someone behind the camera yells "Get him Santa!" That's exactly the type of video that gets me in the holiday spirit.


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