In January of 2018 -- about two and a half years after he released the song as a single -- Russell Dickerson hit No. 1 with his debut single, "Yours." Dickerson co-wrote the song with Parker Welling and Casey Brown, and released it in July of 2015; he'd later make the song the title track of his debut studio album, which came out in October of 2017.

Below, Dickerson recalls hearing himself on the radio for the very first time -- and what was so special about where he was when he heard it.

The first time I heard my first single, "Yours," on the radio was when my wife and I were driving to see my Nanny for the weekend. We were already excited to get out of town for a couple days, and all the sudden, I was like, "WAIT! I know that guitar solo …" We turned it all the way up just in time to hear the last chorus and take video of my wife and I jamming out to my song for the first time.

A fun part about that moment was that we were in the very same SUV that I toured around the country in, chasing down this dream, for so long. Then, to hear my song come on the radio in that truck was such a special, full-circle moment. I remember driving so many miles, dreaming of the day I would finally have a song on the radio, and in that moment, there it was!

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