Wood ticks aren't exactly celebrated in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, except for one Saturday every year.

It's no surprise that Wood ticks are in the running for America's least favorite animal. In fact, most people despise the blood-sucking parasites. But a bar called the 'Woodtick Inn' has capitalized on its name by once again holding woodtick races.

The Woodtick Inn is in the small town of Cuyuna, located in Crow Wing County, north of Brainerd.

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Credit: Wood Tick Inn via Facebook
Credit: Wood Tick Inn via Facebook

So, how does one race wood ticks anyway?

Well, according to Roadside America, here's how it works:

Each contestant pays a $5 entry fee, then they place their ticks in the middle of a circle on a table. The tick that reaches the edge of the circle first is declared the winner.

According to the Woodtick Inn's Facebook page, the owner of the first-place tick can win over $500.

The Woodtick will also hold meat raffles for the big event, along with food vendors and live music.

For more information on the annual 'Running of the Woodtick Races' in the town of Cuyuna, Minnesota, check out the Woodtick Inn's Facebook page here. You can also find out more about the annual Woodtick races in this article from Roadside America.

Story Source: The Woodtick Inn

Story Source: Roadside America

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