There is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup, especially made from the heart.

Before one final goodbye, the Royal Fork Buffet gave its loyal customers one final gift...the fan-favorite homemade tomato soup recipe.  Ask and you shall receive!

Surprisingly, it's easier to make this soup than most people think.  According to its Facebook post, the Royal Fork's tomato soup consists of canned diced tomatoes, tomato paste, baking soda to neutralize the acidity from the tomatoes, nondairy cream mixed in hot water, and black pepper and celery salt for seasoning.

Be prepared to have a gallon of soup after cooking this meal.  For the most part, anyone can make this homemade soup just by easily following the instructions:

  • Add tomatoes, tomato paste, and baking soda into a stock pot and heat to around 140 degrees.
  • The baking soda helps "neutralize the acid in the tomatoes.  This step takes between 20-30 minutes.
  • In a separate pot or container, mix the non-dairy creamer with hot water.
  • Add the creamer and the water mixture to the tomato mixture.
  • The final touch: add black pepper and celery salt.

This post on the Royal Fork's social media page gained a lot of attention from the buffet's loyal customers.  Now individuals are asking if the buffet place can share other recipes including the buttermilk syrup and bread pudding.

The Royal Fork Buffet shared the homemade tomato recipe after announcing it would be closing for good on August 2nd.  The popular buffet's closure is due to COVID-19.  Initially, the restaurant suspended operations on March 19th at the onset of the pandemic.  At one point, the Royal Fork Buffet had 50 locations.  The first Sioux Falls location opened around the early 1980s.

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