Rosanne Cash and Keb' Mo' are sick of the way things are going, and they think they've got the answer: "Put a Woman in Charge." Readers can press play above to hear the pair's timely new tune.

A pointed song with a driving beat, "Put a Woman in Charge" is a call to action, with Keb' Mo' urging women to step forward -- or rather, for men to let them. "The time has come / We've got to turn this world around (world around) / Call the mothers / Call the daughters (call the daughters) / We need the sisters of mercy now," he sings.

"She'll be a hero, not a who / She’s got the power to change the rules / She's got somethin' men don't have / She is kind and she understands," continue the lyrics of "Put a Woman in Charge." Cash lends her voice on harmony, mainly, and support to the idea: "We're gonna feel the magic / When the girls / Take over / It's gonna be fantastic (fantastic)."

""Put a Women in Charge" is about trying something else,” Keb’ Mo’ says in a press release. “There have been a lot of great achievements made by men or by the masculine, but maybe, just maybe, we’ve gotten too comfortable with the imbalance of men in power and have fallen short by not listening and embracing what women have to offer when they lead.

"I think the song should be heard and conversations need to be had," he adds. "It’s about empowering each and every one of us to contribute, and to be brave to step forward and speak up.”

"Put a Woman in Charge" was written by Keb’ Mo’, John Lewis Parker and Beth Nielsen Chapman, during a writing session for Keb' Mo's upcoming album, which is expected next summer. Cash, meanwhile, is set to release her first album since 2014 this fall; titled She Remembers Everything, it is a nod to the turbulence of recent years, politically and socially speaking.

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