If you're old enough, you probably heard 'Roll In My Sweet baby's Arm's' for the first time in 1951 (unless you grew up in 'Bluegrass Country, then you heard it before!).

If you're young enough, you probably never heard 'Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms' (but you should!).

'Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms' isn't heard much anymore, at least not on the radio or on a 'mobile device'. It's 'too country' or 'too Bluegrass', it's too 'banjo' or it's too 'old'. And that's too bad.

'Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms' is one of those songs that, when you hear it, you have to turn it up and for some reason you absolutely cannot keep your toes from tappin'!

It was the legendary Flatt and Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys that first had a hit with it back in 1951. They released it as a single back in December of that year.

Now, since I'm not quite old enough to have listened to it back in 1951, for me the version I know best is Buck Owens 1971 hit. It was the second single from Buck's Ruby album and peaked at #2 on the country chart.

The song has been covered by artist's from Boxcar Willie to Glen Campbell, Conway Twittty to Willie to Leon Russell and on and on and on. In fact, the song is more than a classic, it has moved into 'standard' status.

So perhaps don't be surprised if you're at a concert by a local band or a worldwide superstar. If you're lucky, they'll pull out a banjo and launch into 'Roll In My Sweet baby's Arms'.

If they do, get ready: Your toes are gonna be tappin'!

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