This match from Japan is not only a match of the year contender but it has sparked a debate in the pro wrestling world.

Pro wrestling could be looked at like a library. There are many different forms of books within that library but it's overall still a book. Wrestling can include anything from mat-based, strong-style, high-flying, or even crazy deathmatch style.

Ricochet and Will Ospreay are among two of the best high-flyers in the entire world. Both work on the independent scene (non WWE) and recently had a match in New Japan Pro Wrestling that has divided the line between veterans vs. new. It all started with just one tweet.

Now that is just PART of the match. It isn't the entire thing but that one post has trended all over within the last week and prompted a response from former WWE wrestler Vader who claims that they are "killing the business" and that it "isn't wrestling."

Again, wrestling is a broad term that can include many styles. New Japan Pro Wrestling, who hosted the event and gained even more notoriety with this clip, has released the entire match on YouTube.

Give it a watch. To me, I think it's one of the best matches so far this year.

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