It's no secret that camera's are everywhere these days. I mean, you literally can't be anywhere without a camera capturing whatever it is you're doing. Is it too much?

Apparently not. Now, a Milwaukee based company could well be putting senors in a retail store near you! That way the store can tell where you're walking, where you're lingering, exactly where you're spending time in their store.

It's apparently a way for the so called 'brick and mortar' stores to make your visit more pleasant. If they know where you walking in the store, they can make sure they have exactly what you want exactly where you want it.

Bottom line? The e-commerce giants like Amazon continue to take bigger bites out you money and this could help your 'store down the street' know what you like and have it for you in the exact place you want it.

Technology overkill? Well, that's not for me to say. Heck, I though moving on from the 8-track player was a bit much.

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