Several Sioux Falls residents voiced their concerns over a partnership for a proposed mixed use building, where the city would partner with private firm Legacy developments.

Candidate for Mayor David Zokaites addressed Sioux Falls City council on Tuesday December 19. "Who picked the builder?  How did they do it? There was a building that collapsed not too long ago that was done by legacy developments.  Did anyone think about that when they picked them as the builder?" said Zokaites.  He further questioned.  "Why does the city have to pay to tear down the hotel after its eighty year life span?"

Resident Bruce Danielson voiced his concerns regarding how decisions have been made in recent decisions by the city, alleging deals are being done behind closed doors. "The parking ramp, the administration building, the events center, the swimming pool issue; every one of these issues have been secrecy, secrecy secrecy."  said Danielson at the council meeting during the public input session.  "Ramrod, ramrod, ramrod for what purpose we've yet to figure out."

The city plans to be responsible for the parking spaces, while Legacy would shoulder the business and hotel development and leasing.  Legacy was the developer of the former copper lounge building renovation and collapse, where recently, a US Attorney’s criminal investigation was launched.

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