In the late 1960's America needed a good laugh.  And from 1967-69 they got it courtesy of Tom and Dick.

"The Smothers brothers Comedy Hour" aired on CBS weekly and millions of us tuned in. In addition to the great laughs provided by the brothers, they had an all-star line-up of guests on the show.  And the writing?  Well, writers (and performers) on the show included Steve Martin, Rob Reiner, Jim Stafford, and who could forget Presidential candidate Pat Paulsen?

Musical guests? Every week would be the latest (and sometime, at the time, unknown) musicians and singers, everyone from George Harrison to The Who to Pete Seeger.

So why only on the air from 67-69?

In a word, controversy.  The Smothers Brothers were extremely anti Viet Nam war and their humor and their musical guests reflected that...sometimes not subtly.  CBS decided enough was enough and told the brothers that 1969 would be the last season, despite being extremely popular, particularly with young adults.

So I suppose, in the final analysis, the Smothers brothers Comedy Hour was 2 things...controversial and funny.