Turnover is probably one of the biggest problems a business can face. It is counterproductive and causes major disruptions.

It's hard to keep all the wheels turning and producing bottom line when employees are coming and going.

When time and money has to be spent on recruiting, hiring and training, a company suffers. So keeping employees is extremely important.

Keeping them, means a better understanding on why they leave in the first place. In research by Gallup, nearly half of workers that had quit said they left their job "to get away from their manager to improve their overall life at some point in their career."

Why do people quit their jobs? Leadership strategist Billy Arcement shared with The Washington Business Journal five reasons in particular:

  1. They aren't growing professionally
  2. They're not happy with the work they do
  3. They don't feel important
  4. They lack support to do their jobs well
  5. They are not paid enough

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