As we now have entered the second half of October, is getting much cooler at night. And the days are getting shorter.

One thing's for sure. The yard work is winding down for the year. That means we are done with the yard equipment.

The common yard man has a small fortune wrapped up in yard work machines. Every year before putting it all away for Winter, remember to do some maintenance so you’re ready to go in the Spring.

Here are some standard practices to keep in mind:

  1. Drain Fuel: Completely drain the tank and fuel lines. Gasoline has a short shelf-life; old gasoline may not work in the engine and could possibly cause damage.
  2. Change the Oil and Filters: This keeps your engine clean by preventing the build-up of particles and foreign materials.
  3. Check Spark Plugs: Replacing spark plugs at the end of the season is a cheap way to keep your engine running smoothly.
  4. Clean and Inspect: Thoroughly remove any debris accumulation.
  5. Storage: Store in a clean, dry location that offers protection from outside elements.

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