It was on September 12, 1962 that President John F. Kennedy delivered one of his most famous speeches.

On the campus of Rice University he made a bold promise to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

Fast forward to today. Do you think if a President today were to make a similar challenge we, as a country, would be able to pull it off? Sadly, I say, "No."

I say that because of the political discourse currently overshadowing this country. Back in 1962 both houses of Congress were still willing to compromise.

Plus, back in 1962 the federal government wasn't running trillion-dollar annual deficits like we are today. We still had a little common sense when it came to spending.

Nowadays, Senators and Representatives are more concerned about "bringing home the bacon" than doing what's in the best interest of the country.

So, will we ever again witness a speech as bold as President Kennedy's given on that day? Probably not - I sure would like to see someone prove me wrong though.

Source: YouTube/WordsmithFL

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