The change of public attitudes and laws involving marijuana over the last decade in the united states is nothing short of astonishing. As of September 2018 nine states and the District of Colombia have legalized the use of cannabis. Last year legal marijuana sales had become a nine billion dollar business. To top it off polls show that a clear majority of Americans favor legalization.

Now old established businesses want in on the new thing. According to BNN Bloomberg, Coca-Cola Co. is in what they say are serious talks with Aurora Cannabis Inc. to develop cannabis-infused beverages.

According to Bloomberg sources say that the two companies are probably not making a drink that will have the same effect of some "special" brownies. The giant beverage maker is interested in creating drinks that are infused with cannabidiol,  or CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana plants.

The product that the companies could be collaborating on would likely be used for easing inflammation, pain and cramping. Also know as a recovery drink.

Even if the the companies don't end up making a cannabis drink, the face they they are meeting at all, singles a huge change in the attitude towards marijuana in the world.


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