Not even serious-looking police officers can deny the power of Taylor Swift. Really, what better way to let off some steam than with a little dance party in your car with her viral hit 'Shake It Off'?

Check out this Dover cop's amazingly hilarious impromptu karaoke session that a dashboard camera caught on camera!

The department's Public Affair's Branch released a YouTube video of one of their police officers dancing and singing along to Swift, and already it's got nearly 25 million views.

But the best part about this video? It's not the fact that he knows all the words to the infectious pop hit. It's not his impromptu dance moves at the 1:40 mark. It's not even his impressive "duck-face" at the 2:40 mark. It's those pauses -- at the 1:50 mark, for example -- when he stops to act like a normal cop while an unsuspecting civilian passes by before breaking back into his Swift alter-ego. It's hilariously human and completely priceless. And a welcome reminder that not even officers of the law are immune to the pure song power that is Taylor Swift!

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