This swine may have a drinking problem.

Watch as this pig devours two cans of beer as maniacally as you haven't done since that Alpha kegger your junior year when you woke up on the sidewalk with your Intro to Econ T.A.'s underwear over your head on a mattress you don't remember throwing off the roof (college: good times, right?).

Chances are you are so focused on Porky here downing beers like he's on a last bender before being shipped off for an extended stay at Promises that you didn't notice all the beer cans on the ground, indicating he's going to wind up on your plate as Budweiser-scented bacon, which, come on, just sounds wonderful.

In the meantime, though, this hog will have to deal with one heck of a hangover. If anything, maybe drinking loosens him up. When he's sober, everyone else thinks he's a total boar.

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