There is sweeping reform on long over due marijuana laws in this country including in South Dakota, but one state has taken that reform to a whole different level.

The state of Oregon has a new law that went into effect this week that has decriminalized all drugs and instead of prison time, addicts will get assistance with rehab.

Measure 110, which was and is first of kind in legislative measures eliminating jail time for all drugs was voted through back in November by the citizens of Oregon.

Marijuana was already legal in Oregon, but this measure decriminalizes the possession of all drugs which includes heroin, methamphetamine, oxycodone, cocaine and ecstacy,

Of course this is going to come with pros and cons along with plenty of debate on whether or not this needs to be the new approach on drug use in the United States.

Clearly what currently is in place isn't working as drug overdoses continue to happen across the United States at an alarming pace and imprisoning drug users hasn't had the effects of changing their lifestyle as much as originally anticipated.

The counter will be that drug users need a punishment for their actions within the community and how there needs to be a deterrent not a rehab center waiting for them when they are caught using illicit drugs.

The "War On Drugs" certainly needs to be examined more on useful ways to create change in this country and Oregon has stated their position with their recent laws.

It will be very interesting to see the short and long term ramifications of this new measure and if it becomes something other states start to copy or stay away from.


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