It's rummage sale season. A good way to drum up a little extra cash and clear out stuff you no longer want.

But did you know there is one often overlooked liability that comes with a yard sale? What if the product I'm selling has been recalled? The thought may have never crossed your mind, but the truth is, you could be held liable if the item causes injury to the buyer.

According to Consumer Reports, there have been cases of criminal actions and civil suits filed due to a product that has been recalled by the manufacturer and deemed unsafe, if injury occurred to second-hand buyer.

But how do I find out if an item on my sale has been recalled?

Simple. Go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website, and in the upper right hand corner, type what kind of item you're selling in the search bar. For instance, I typed in "bike helmet" and it promptly listed all of the bike helmets that have been recalled and the safety issue.

It's extremely important to check the status on child car seats, baby cribs, and strollers before you sell it on the garage sale. These products are often subject to recalls and should be checked.

Just some food for thought. This simple and quick check could prevent you from paying damages and being liable in case of product malfunction under recall.

Happy selling - and buying!

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