The South Dakota Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Training Commission took action against Lake Norden Police Chief Jimmy Murphy, removing his law enforcement certification on Thursday (July 19) after a review a series of allegations.

Attorney General Marty Jackley serves on the committee and was among the group to make the collective decision. "We ultimately found the allegations brought by the States Attorney along with the commission about conduct unbecoming of a law enforcement officer was proven by very convincing evidence, so his certification to serve as a law enforcement officer in the state has been revoked."

The commission was asked to intervene earlier in 2018 by Hamlin County States Attorney John Delzer who had declined to prosecute any cases brought by Murphy since late 2017. Delzer cited numerous reports going back to 2016 wherein Murphy allegedly issued improper citations, was verbally abusive to the public, and made false statements to a victim.

Jackley says the commission who made the decision is made up of 12 law enforcement and other officials from around the state, where each member has one vote.

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