It's more than an outrage, and while I'm no lawyer, it almost sounds criminal.

Students from American Horse School in Allen, South Dakota, whose student body is predominantly Native American, had earned a trip to see the Rapid City Rush hockey team at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center last Saturday night.

While the game was going on, the students were subjected to racial epithets from people in a VIP suite above them. During the third period, it escalated and someone from the suite allegedly threw beer on the students.

The way the story was told to me, the people in the suite, who were "guests" of the beer distributor that leases the suite, denied being the aggressors.

Arena managers say they are following up, and that when the alleged culprits are identified they could be banned from future events.

Again, I'm not the expert and I haven't heard all the facts, but it seems to me that when the students from American Horse School remember the hockey game, their memories aren't going to be good.

And that just seems wrong.

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