Amanda Lauren is a blogger who recently contributed an article to Your Tango, a website with articles on love, sex, relationships, parenting, lifestyle and more. Lauren has been married approximately a month and now claims to have uncovered the secret to a long lasting marriage.

The secret is - staying hot for your husband. Yup that's it. She says, in exchange for keeping up her gorgeous appearance, her hubby buys her "neat stuff" like a $400 iRobot Roomba vacuum! There is no clear indication that her husband who is a writer for TNT network's Murder in The First has made a similar discovery about men staying pretty for their gals.

After reading her article,  this seem like less like an earth-shattering revelation and more like a self-aggrandizing statement from a narcissistic newlywed. But that is my opinion, just as her rambling blog piece is hers:

If men can't help but be visual creatures, I need to oblige. And while I'm not sure if his friends are jealous so to say, they do acknowledge he has a hot wife"

As unfortunate as it seems, genetics and heredity have everything to do with the outer package we're given. Yes, how we take care of it is up to us and some of us do better in that department than others, but even in our appearance-obsessed world, I'd still like to delude myself into believing that a long-term relationship must have other aspects to it aside from physical beauty.

It would be interesting to find out if she's still keeping herself up after a few kids and some real life experience. After all, it is difficult to be an expert on anything after only a month or so, and when she hits menopause, she'll find out what "hot" truly means!

But again, this is only my opinion.

You can check out pictures of the gorgeous Amanda and her hubby here.

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