The 2020 NCAA Tournament never got to start so the decision-makers in the college basketball world are trying to avoid having the same fate in 2021.

According to multiple reports, the NCAA Tournament will happen in one location as the NCAA is trying to do everything possible to make sure the tournament happens in 2021.

The restructuring of the NCAA Tournament was needed in the minds of the NCAA due to the ongoing havoc the COVID-19 pandemic is having across the entire country.

The discussions that are currently ongoing with the NCAA have been centered around Indianapolis as the lone site for the 2021 tournament according to Myron Medcalf of ESPN.

That would mean that 13 pre-Final Four sites would be scratched that had originally been on the docket for March Madness.

Knowing the financial impacts the canceled 2020 NCAA Tournament put on the entire college basketball world, the NCAA's No. 1 goal all along has been figuring a way to make sure a tournament happens even with the ongoing pandemic.

The NCAA Tournament was one of the first major sporting events to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and was one of the first to complete cancel their event in 2020.

For more information on this decision, other news surrounding the NCAA, and future news surrounding March Madness, you can visit their website.

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