There's no doubt about it.

Nashville, Tennessee is Music City USA, the home of country music. But some of the greatest country music in history didn't necessarily call Nashville 'home'.

From Nashville, head west. No, further west than than. Keep going, going. There it is.


Yep, some of the greatest country music in history came out of the west coast.

Much of that music is referred to as the 'Bakersfield Sound'. While great artists like Buck Owens spearheaded that movement, most of those great classics weren't recorded in Bakersfield! Nope, you have to head to Hollywood and an iconic building if you wanted to watch those 'Bakersfield' records being recorded.

But really, what is the 'Bakersfield' sound, or 'California Country'? Check out the great video above and the great classics and influence that came from the coast.

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