There is a saying which states, "to understand something is to be liberated from it". The National Allliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) aims to bring understanding of mental illness through education, support and advocacy.

To that end, NAMI Sioux Falls offers free education and wellness classes to people whose lives are affected by mental illness. One in five adults and one in ten children or adolescents will be diagnosed with a mental illness every year. These conditions can include everything from AD/HD, to depression, schizophrenia and many others.

Perceiving that mental illness is a medical condition just like any other illness of the body is an important starting place. NAMI advocates for access to services, offers support groups and networks for people living with mental health challenges and also for their families, partners and friends.

On Thursday, February 22, NAMI is offering a 6-week "Basics" class for parents and caregivers with children living with mental challenges. You learn coping skills and have the opportunity to share with others who know what you're dealing with.

You can reserve a spot and a class manual by calling Anney at 605-376-0595 and get more information a NAMI Sioux Falls online.

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