My family and I took a little vacation to Minneapolis for a few days. We spent most of the time at Mall of America.

No matter where you are shopping during the Christmas season, it's magical. Shoppers everywhere with their packages, Christmas music playing, decorations all around, it's a great time of year.

We felt like taking a drive and traveling to Minneapolis for a few days. A large part of the fun was staying at our favorite hotel there, the downtown Hilton.

A visit to Mall of America is the standard for us when we get to the cities. However, this was our first venture there during the holiday shopping season.

It was a lot of fun, however we did very little buying. We got a few items yes, but the majority of our purchases will be at home in Sioux Falls. My favorite stores are right here in the town we live in.

But it was a fun two days at Mall of America. Most of the time was spent in the fun park with our son.

One thing I will share. It appears the consumers are spending money!

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