Right now my classic Corvette is sitting in it's stall in the garage looking good. At least on the outside anyway.

If you open the driver's door, you're going to wonder what the hell happened to the steering wheel. It's gone.

You see, my show partner, Jerry Dahmen, his son Jeff is repairing a problem in the steering column and currently has it apart.

So right now it would be a little hard to drive. However I remember when I was a kid, there was this strange guy that was always up to hair brain ideas that was seen driving his car down main street with no steering wheel. He had clamped a vise grip to the steering shaft and was using that to drive around. But I'm not going to attempt that one.

But I do see that Google is building a car without a steering wheel. Or brake and gas pedals. Instead, there are buttons for go and stop. The car drives itself. Maybe I should get one of these.

My father used to tell how when he was little, they didn't have a car. Instead they would hook up a team of horses to the buggy and head into town. It sounded so primitive to me at the time.

Am I going to be telling my children about how when I was little, we didn't have computer cars. Believe it or not, we had to steer the car with a wheel mounted inside. And to make the car go, we had to push this pedal down. And if we pushed it down too far, we would get arrested.

I can hear my grandchildren now, claiming that grandpa's telling stories again about the good old days. Is this what the world is coming to?

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