In a story that's made national headlines, a Minnesota teenager has willingly spent the past three years sleeping in his own backyard.

One fourteen-year-old has gone above and beyond what any teen in this day and age would do and has shared just why he's been spending his nights sleeping under the stars.

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Meet Isaac Ortman, a 14-year-old Boy Scout from Duluth, Minnesota.

Credit: Northern News Now via YouTube
Credit: Northern News Now via YouTube

Why has Isaac slept outside for so long? Well, for this Boy Scout, it all started out at his family's cabin when he was 11.

In the summer, Isaac sleeps underneath the stars of northern Minnesota. In the winter, he builds an igloo, that's surprisingly warm inside and spends his nights bundled inside his sleeping bag.

To see the full video on Isaac Ortman and his 1,000-night backyard adventure, click on the YouTube link below from Northern News Now.

Story Source: Northern News Now

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