So far it's been a summer to remember for the kids playing baseball in Sioux Falls. If you go anywhere near the various baseball parks in town during the evening, you'll see that the sport is very active.

There are many teams in the city. All of which have kids playing as hard as they can and learning the game.

Besides the players having a good time out on the field, there are parents, grandparents and friends that are having just as much fun watching.

And there's a group of guys that are very proud of their teams. I'm talking about the coaches.

There is no coach happier than me this year. I have a team of kids and parents that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I would like for you to meet my players. These are kids that just finished first grade, and they are some fabulous boys. And my assistant coach is second to none with the game and one of my best friends of all time.

Front row, left to right: Eryc Thorson, Broxsen McVay, Karl Miller

Middle row, left to right: Mark Tassler, Jr., Kyle Schempp, Robert Miles, Makhi McCarty

Back row, left to right: Coach Mark Tassler, Sr., Eli Gullickson, Lucas Muehl, Sam Sanders, Assistant Coach Jerad McVay

Not pictured: Hudson Wiese

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