“Next time, call us please and get away from that.” Essentially that’s the request from Mitchell Police after a man dropped by to get rid of a grenade.

A 68-year old man was the one who brought the device to the station around noon on Thursday (April 20).

According to Lt. Don Everson:

"Initially it caused a little commotion. Once it was determined the grenade was safe to handle it was removed from the site. It will be stored until it can be destroyed by experts."

Protocols were immediately enacted, such as blocking off the streets around the department. No one was injured.

Everson said that it's possible that the grenade was just for training purposes. The man who brought the device told police he was trying to be a good neighbor and help someone tidy up a building outside of Mitchell.

When encountering a potentially dangerous device, the police would rather come to you than risk having an explosion in a public place. Leave the item where you found it and stay far, far, far away.

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