When it comes to automakers issuing recalls, it pertains to a defect with the vehicle that affects one of two things. It will always have something to do with either emissions or safety.

This recall is all bout a major safety concern. Ford is recalling nearly 1.5 million pickup trucks in North America because the transmissions can suddenly downshift into first gear.

The recall covers F-150 trucks from the 2011 through 2013 model years with six-speed automatic transmissions. The company says a glitch in sending a signal from the transmission speed sensor is the cause

Imagine traveling along in high gear, and then suddenly shift into low gear. This definitely could be potentially dangerous.

Ford has five reports of accidents including one that caused a whiplash injury from a sudden downshift. Owners will be notified by letter starting March 4.

If you are an owner of a vehicle that fits into these parameters, you should contact your Ford dealer and have your vehicle identification number with you.

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