A lobster restaurant in Maine is toying with the idea of using marijuana to ease the trauma of lobsters destined for dinner plates. Before jumping to the conclusion that every story will have a happy ending, the lobsters still end up being cooked in boiling hot water - they just don't put up as much of a fight because they're high on pot.

Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor is owned by a registered medical marijuana caregiver. Recently, she put a test lobster in a box with some water and blew pot smoke into the box. She tells a local TV station the test lobster was actually calmer for the next three weeks. It was then released back into the ocean.

The plan now is to use the method - at a customer's request - to build a larger tank to sedate multiple lobsters all at the same time. It's still early in the testing stage, so it's not yet scientifically known how pot affects lobsters, or if it has any effect on the meat.

Source: Associated Press

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