Luke Bryan may be the 2013 Entertainer of the Year, but he's not ready to be a television entertainer just yet. Instead of being lured into the television industry, the 37-year-old is focused on one thing: his music.

It's not that he isn't getting offers. Bryan tells The Washington Post that it's quite the opposite, saying, “I’m getting really, really amazing TV opportunities where it’s quite lucrative financially and it would have been stuff in different public spotlights. I can’t believe I’m turning them down, but when I huddle up with my core group of people and think about it, I think it’s neat to just handle the headlining right now. I don’t think I’m savvy enough as a headliner to start taking it for granted.”

In a shockingly fast rise to the top, the Georgia native is trying to approach his career logically, not getting caught up in the allure of more fame. “It’s my first year in," Bryan said. “I won Entertainer of the Year and I ain’t really been an entertainer yet, or what the definition of that is. I had the same feelings when I was asked to co-host with Blake. I turned the ACMs down the first time.”

There are several country music stars who have become successful television stars, including Bryan's buddy, Blake Shelton on 'The Voice' and Aussie crooner Keith Urban on 'American Idol.' But Bryan's not going to crash that party just yet.

Instead of cementing himself in the place of entertainment stardom, he wants to secure himself in the country music world first and foremost. We'd say he's done pretty well doing that, with his new album 'Crash My Party' debuting at No. 1, selling over half a million albums in the first week.

That's the kind of success Bryan wants to see right now. Maybe someday he'll be on the television screen, but for now, he's happy seeing his name as the headliner, and his face gracing album covers. That's enough for him.

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