A local school district is the best in the entire state, according to a new study that was released this week.

If you have kids enrolled at this school district, you're in luck. 24/7 Wall Street lists a number of key factors which set its schools apart from the rest.

The study uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau, along with the National Center For Education Statistics to determine which districts were on top in each of the 50 U.S. states.

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Terry Jacobs TSM
Terry Jacobs TSM

In this new study, the site named the Harrisburg School District as the state's best. In the article 24/7 Wall Street cites a number of reasons why Harrisburg is at the cream of the crop, including the district's student-to-teacher ratio (14:1), along with the district's annual per-student spending ($9,448).

Located in Lincoln County, the Harrisburg School District has been around since 1894 when the first schoolhouse was constructed. Another was built in 1901 and the district has been growing ever since.

You can find more information about the Harrisburg School District here, including information on teachers, curriculum, events, and the district's history.

Here are the best districts in South Dakota's neighboring states:

Iowa: Gilbert School District (Just North of Des Moines)

Minnesota: Edina School District (Twin Cities Metro Area)

Nebraska: Elkhorn Public Schools (Western Edge of Omaha Metro Area)

North Dakota: Fargo Public School District One

For the entire list, check out the article from 24/7 Wall Street.

Story Source: 24/7 Wall Street

Story Source: Harrisburg School District

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