Have you ever had a conversation with people about all of the exotic foods that they tried and thought to yourself, I would be curious to to try some! Sure they have some at Hy-Vee and Walmart stores but one solely devoted to wild game. Well I found a place!

Last weekend I went up to the Twins Cites and I did a google search to see if I could find a store up there. To my avail, I could not but I did find one in Hudson, Wisconsin which is about 20 miles east of St. Paul. The name of the store is Specialty Meats and Gourmet.

I met with the co-owner and she was very helpful and polite and answered all of my questions. The first thing that caught my eye was the ground wild boar. She said that the taste of it would be like having the best port chop you have ever eaten. After hearing that I was sold.

Next up I got a 4 pack of bunny burgers. She said that these are a hit with kids, they absolutely love them. Last I asked her what is their top selling item? Without hesitation, she said that it would have to be the rabbit and rattlesnakle jalapeno sausages chardannay wine. She said people get them for parties and once they realize what they are eating, they ask where to get some for themselves.

Now if you can't make it up to Hudson but would like to try some of these wild meats, they do ship nationwide. Just go to SMGfoods.com and place an order. You should have it at your doorstep within 2 days.


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