If you were on the planet in 1956, you were trying to sing along (or just keep up!) with 'The Auctioneer', a massive world wide hit for LeRoy Van Dyke. And if you hadn't arrived as a bundle of joy yet, well, your parents and grand parents were crankin' up this huge smash.

Now, some 61 years later, a new generation is being introduced to the LeRoy Van Dyke signature classic.

Webster Public Relations has announced that 'The Auctioneer' will be the track to Subway's latest television ad campaign.

So 61 years after the song captivated the world, and 55 years after LeRoy joined the Grand Ole Opry, it's back! It just goes to show, a great song never, ever dies.

Of course, you'll only get an excerpt of the tune in the TV ad. But you can hear LeRoy perform it 'back in the day' in the great video below.

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