You would think that a professional race car driver would be one of the very best drivers out on public highways. Especially one that comes from a legendary family that has won the grand daddy of automobile races, the Indy 500, multiple times.

Al Unser, Jr., who he himself has won the Indianapolis 500 twice, was arrested for a serious traffic violation. And on top of the charges, comes an embarrassing story as well.

The 57-year old Unser was pulled over by police West of Indianapolis, Indiana early Monday (5/20) and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

He was exceeding the speed limit going 59 miles per hour in a 45 m.p.h. speed zone. His vehicle was also swerving from his lane. The officer reported that he appeared to be drunk.

However, Unser denied that he had anything to drink. Then after getting out of his vehicle and walking to the rear, he lost his balance, fell to the ground and rolled down an embankment.

This is not the first time Unser has been arrested on drunken driving. In 2011 in New Mexico, he was stopped driving intoxicated going over 100 m.p.h. racing on a highway against another driver. Also a charge of driving under the influence stemming from a January 2007 crash on a Nevada freeway.

His father, Al Unser, Sr., won the Indy 500 four times and his uncle, Bobby Unser, won it three times.

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