If Santa (or anyone else) was especially generous, you’re reading this message on a new smartphone or tablet. Make sure you’re getting all the best news, entertainment, opinion along with alerts for traffic and weather with the KXRB app.

Our favorite features:

• Listen to KXRB any time, anywhere (including in the background)
• The breaking news that matters most to Sioux Falls (with alerts!)
• Win big with KXRB contests
• Submit photos, videos, and audio to KXRB
• Call KXRB right from the app
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto support
• Share anything from KXRB.com via Facebook or Twitter
• Save articles for reading later (supports offline viewing)
• AirPlay for wireless streaming from iOS devices

All that’s from the free KXRB app. Install it now, and have a very happy, very Sioux Falls New Year.


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