George Washington goes down in history as the first American president, an inventor, tactful statesman, and wordsmith. I like him because he knew his beer. In fact, Washington kept his favorite lager recipe in his leather-bound journal. With summer approaching, Budweiser is looking for some brewing advice within that 261-year-old hand-written treasure-filled military book.

The Freedom Reserve Red Lager will be available for a limited time and brewed in limited quantities.

"Red Lager is brewed with toasted barley grains for a slightly sweet aroma with a touch of hops, a rich caramel malt taste and a smooth finish with a hint of molasses."

There are two very good reasons to try this new creation when it hits the store shelves. One, Freedom Reserve Red Lager was specially brewed by Budweiser’s own veterans and I can't of anything cooler than that. Second, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Folds of Honor and donated to spouses and children of soldiers.

It would seem that our patriotic duty lies in the stubby vintage bottles that will be rolled out soon.

Stay tuned. Well, you know what I mean.

Budweiser Press Kit
Budweiser Press Kit

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