This again? Well, with the 2013 MTV VMAs set for this weekend, it was bound to come up…again. Kanye West admitted in a TV interview on 'Kris' (Aug. 23) that his perspective on Taylor Swift, whose 2009 VMAs acceptance speech he famously crashed, has changed now that he is a father with a daughter of his own.

During an extremely rare interview, West -- who has repeatedly changed his tune about his feelings towards Swift and the incident -- said, "Even at my lowest points ... the last thing I would want to happen to my daughter is some crazy drunk black guy in a leather shirt come up and cut her off on an awards show. That's the last thing I would want."

He chalked it up to this: "I was like a crazy rock star."

Now West "gets" it since he is a father and wouldn't want his daughter North, born June 15 of this year, to be treated like he treated Swift.

West recently said in a magazine interview that his apology to Swift was insincere and coerced. Then, Swift brought things up again just this week, when she made a jar of jam for Ed Sheeran, the label of which referenced West's famous speech when he ruined her moment, since he felt Beyonce was more deserving of the VMA.

Maybe Swift and West can finally put this lingering issue behind them, now that they're older, wiser and he has a daughter.



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