This is not a joke. However, it will be hilarious. Justin Bieber is getting roasted on Comedy Central.

Not too many details have been released yet. Who will be roasting him has not been confirmed and an air date hasn't been stated. Although, the special will be taped on March 7th.

For those of you that haven't been keeping up with the Biebs, he has had quit a couple years. He's been in trouble for underage drinking and drag racing. He egged his neighbor's house, and peed in a restaurant mop bucket. He also abandoned a monkey in Germany. So much material. So little time.

Comedy Central's last roast was James Franco in 2013.

Bieber, however, does have a history of being able to laugh at himself. Most recently, when SNL spoofed his Calvin Klein ads he simply tweeted, "Well Played."

I know when the premiere date is set, my DVR will be set too!

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