John Anderson enlisted a good friend and tour boss for one of the tracks on his forthcoming new album Years. Blake Shelton offers guest vocals on the new song, "Tuesday I'll Be Gone," which readers can hear above.

Written by Anderson, the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and David "Fergie" Ferguson, "Tuesday I'll Be Gone" is a pure, classic country song made for leaving. Anderson and Shelton trade lines in the verses and harmonize in the choruses, and while Shelton's voice is prominent throughout the track, he never steals the spotlight from his hero Anderson.

"Tuesday, I'll be gone / It's time for movin' on," Anderson and Shelton sing in the song's chorus. "Gonna find my way somehow / Gonna ride to the edge of sundown / Find a place in small town / Lay my head down."

Auerbach and Ferguson co-produced Years, which is due out on April 10 on Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound label. Shelton is the project's only featured guest, but Anderson's co-writers for the record included young Easy Eye Sound signee Dee White and famed Randy Travis hit-writer Paul Overstreet.

In 2017, Anderson suffered "unforeseen and serious medical issues" that caused him to cancel an August festival appearance. Though the artist never specified what the issue was, he returned to the road later that month; however, it's clear that the incident had a profound effect on Anderson.

"There’s a few things that I came out of this whole deal better with. Part of it is my love for music and part of it is my appreciation for my family," Anderson shares. "But the biggest part is knowing that I might die here any minute, for who knows what reason, but I know that the good Lord already came down and touched me. There’s not a doubt in my mind."

Anderson and Shelton toured together in 2019, for Shelton's Friends and Heroes Tour, and come Thursday (Feb. 13), they'll be back out on the road with the same crew for the 2020 iteration of that trek. As in 2019, the 2020 Friends and Heroes Tour features Anderson, Lauren Alaina, the Bellamy Brothers and Trace Adkins.

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