Jimmie Allen doesn't take kindly to fighting at his shows. During a recent concert, the country star spotted a scuffle in the crowd from stage -- and broke it up like a pro, with some help from security.

During a performance in Rootstown, Ohio, Allen's audience included a less-than-ideal concertgoer who was looking to throw fists instead of enjoying the music. Video shared to Twitter by @k8schaber shows Allen telling the unruly spectator to "just relax" -- but then, he quickly decided that enough was enough.

"Just throw him out of here. Y'all come get this clown out of here, man, so we can have a good time," Allen directed the venue's security team through his mic, to cheers from the rest of the crowd. "Hey, security, just pick him up and take him out of here, seriously."

Directly addressing the problem fan, Allen continued: "We're trying to have a good time ... so roll out, homeboy. We've got your money already. Appreciate you."

In early January, Allen released "Make Me Want To," an infectious, romantic romp, as his next single. The song follows his heartfelt debut, "Best Shot," which made history when it hit No. 1 in 2018: The song made Allen the first black country artist to hit No. 1 on country radio with his debut single.

Allen's debut album, Mercury Lanedropped in mid-October of 2018. Allen ended the year out on the road with fellow artist Scotty McCreery, as an opening act on McCreery's Seasons Change Tour, and the two will join back up for a continuation of the trek in mid-January.

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