Great news for Jake Owen. His father, Steve, has been dealing with cancer and accompanying treatments for the better part of 2013, but he is now cancer-free!

The elder Owen was in the thick of it with the disease, enduring intense treatments and throat surgery earlier this year. He embarked on a course of radiation in February to treat cancer that had originated at the back of his tongue. It was said he would lose his tastebuds and endure a sore throat for some time. Owen made sure to stay in near-constant communication with his pop during treatments to help keep his spirits high.

In the summer, it seemed like things were improving. Now, as fall is in high gear, things are better than ever with this cancer-free diagnosis!

Owen, who will release 'Days of Gold' on Dec. 3, shared a photo of himself and his dad on the football field, celebrating the Florida Seminoles game with the coach over the weekend. In the caption, the singer revealed the big news that his dad has beat the big C.

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