UNDATED (WJON News) -- As Dry January continues to grow in popularity, more and more non-alcoholic options are being made available.

Peter Coborn is the Director of Liquor Operations for Coborn's Incorporated. He says they've definitely seen a trend of customers looking for NA products throughout the month.

We see a spike in NA beer products, specifically, we see a massive uptick in Stella Artois who makes a zero-point-zero, Heineken makes a zero-point-zero, and Budweiser makes one as well.  It's becoming a trend for sure.

Coborn says another popular NA product for them is in the wine section.

One of the largest sellers that we see for a spike is Sutter Home Fre.  People like wine too still these days and they want to pair it with their food, but they don't want to get buzzed.

He says they also carry a limited number of other non-alcoholic products in select stores. But, he says because of the growing trend they are looking at creating a private label of NA tequila, gin, and whiskey that could possibly hit store shelves in the next few years.

Photo by WJON.com's Jim Maurice
Photo by WJON.com's Jim Maurice

Many bars and restaurants are also offering a variety of mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the month of January.

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Some breweries like Bad Habit Brewing in St. Joseph have also joined the Dry January bandwagon and are offering NA craft beer options this month.

But what happens when the month is over? Coborn says the trend in past years is that most people will go back to their old habits.

Honestly, once Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl in particular come around people will kind of trend away from their New Year's resolutions and they'll get back to what they were used to doing. But, that doesn't mean the offerings are going to go away by any means.  We want to cater to all audiences.

Coborn's operates 70 liquor stores in six states under eight different banners.


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