Where are you going to be living in the year 2060?

A lot of us would just consider ourselves fortunate to be living anywhere 37 years from now.

While it may be difficult to plot your own personal future, 24/7 Wall St. is sharing the predictions of Washington, D.C.-based firm Woods & Poole Economics, which has looked at current metropolitan area population data and population projections data to determine the 40 cities that will have the fastest population growth over the next three-plus decades.

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Sioux Falls is on that list.

Currently, 285,652 people call South Dakota's largest city home, but that number is expected to swell by more than 50 percent when the calendar hits 2060.

Projections have the population of Sioux Falls at 438,427 in 37 years. That's a 53.5 percent increase, which is the 37th highest in America.

And while Sioux Falls projected growth is impressive it pales in comparison to the ten cities which will see their populations grow by 80 percent or more by 2060.

Two of those cities are in Florida, two are in Utah.

FASTEST GROWING CITIES BY 2060 (Projected population increase)

  1.  The Villages, Florida: +223.2%
  2. St. George, Utah: +118.1%
  3. Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown, Texas: +97.4%
  4. Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Florida: +92.0%
  5. Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, Nevada: +90.5%
  6. Greeley, Colorado: +89.0%
  7. Bend, Oregon: +83.6%
  8. Provo-Orem, Utah: +82.7%
  9. Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-North Carolina: +81.9%
  10. Port St. Lucie, Florida: +80.1%

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