I've been intrigued with gas mileage my entire life. My obsession probably started in the late 1970s when gas hit $1.00 per gallon. That was my first eye-opening experience to fuel economy. [It was also the first I paid to put gas in my vehicle!]

I probably picked up the interest with my Dad. It started with 'What's with all the numbers on the paper? Back then you had to make sure you put the mileage on the vehicle down when you filled up and the amount of gallons and price when you filled up. He told me, If I'm paying you to put it in the car, you can write it down when you fill it up.

Later, I found myself having a calculator in the car to keep track of myself. After keeping track for a few months I could see the difference in mileage based on conditions. How fast I drove, How windy it was for the trip, or if it was mostly driving around town. You could start to see trends.

Nowadays, it's much easier. If you remember to clear the gage for each tank, you can get a good vibe for how you're doing, Millage wise.

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I currently drive a 2022 Honda CRV. I switched from a 2020 Honda Accord which was a beast when it came to economy. If you drove it right, you could be in the upper 30s and touch 40's on a road trip on a two-lane highway. [Slower Speeds]

So, when I started driving the CRV, I noticed a drop in economy, with the all-wheel drive and heavier vehicle. So, I started experimenting.

One of the things the CRV has is great Cruise Control. One-click at slow speed and you're locked in on 25 MPH. Perfect for driving most side streets in Sioux Falls. Hold it down and it goes up and down 5 MPH at a time. I started using it. I used it on short trips and even trips across town.


Another nice feature the CRV has is the radar that's installed. I can put it on 2 or three car lengths and the vehicle follows along. On 57TH street, in heavy traffic, I put it on and if I come up on slower traffic the vehicle automatically slows down and even comes to a stop along with the traffic flow.

What started out as an experiment, lead me to a revelation. The vehicle drives smarter, better, and more economically than I do. I was averaging about 27 MPG in town and with the cruise, on even short drives, I'm up around 32 MPH.


Now, I'm not jetting around town and that helps. And I might put the cruise on 42 or 43 in a 40 once in a while, but it works, GREAT!  Side Note, just putting the cruise on also lets you concentrate on the road and the ride instead of looking for one of Sioux Falls's Finest who may be out checking speed on the roads!

Will it work for you? I don't know. But if you have a similar speed-sensitive cruise control that works accurately at a slower speed, my guess is it will work. Dramatically. Give it a try. If it works for you, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for sharing this story with your family and friends. You know, the ones you like to talk millage with!  




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